My Father’s Dream: Blind Mechanic Drives Car for the First Time in His Life
  • 18.06.2023
  • 442409

art Hickey has been a car mechanic for 30 years. He runs his own workshop in Alsip, Illinois (USA). But he has never driven a car himself – because Bart Hickey is blind. He has one big dream: to step on the gas. Feel the rush of speed. Be free. His son Brendan and Mercedes-Benz make this dream come true. “My Father’s Dream”, an authentic, touching documentary, tells their story.

  • 16.06.2023
  • 7267

This is a beginners tutorial on how your automotive (134a) air conditioning system works. Hopefully this gives beginners and diy owners an idea of how their system works and how to diagnose certain problems.

Fake Mechanic BODY SHOP Prank on ARMENIAN Mafia! (MUST WATCH)
  • 11.06.2023
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Armenian Mechanic Body Shop Employee Prank Gone Very Wrong! (MUST WATCH THIS EPIC PRANK VIDEO)

I repaired the scrub pinion which no mechanic repairs
  • 07.06.2023
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Give your opinion by watching the video

Charlie Chaplin - The Mechanic's Assistant - Scene from Modern Times
  • 07.06.2023
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Charlie Chaplin and Chester Conklin in a scene from Modern Times (1936)